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TSSA Membership Application

This online form begins the application process for membership in TSSA. The process is completed when the application is reviewed and approved by our membership coordinator.

Timpanogos Singer/Songwriter Alliance
PO Box 970267
Orem UT 84097

TSSA also ask for a completely voluntary membership donation of $25 per year.

If you have demo or press materials, you're welcome to send those to us as well, but they're not required, and we encourage people to send us web URLs rather than physical materials, as it's easier for us to keep track and easier for you to update and change.

We recommend that you read the entire form before you begin filling it out. If you have any questions, please contact

Please fill out each of the 12 items below and click Submit. Then follow the instructions on the confirmation page that will appear after you submit your application.

Last Name:
First Name:
Band Name:
(if applicable)
Alt Phone:
Web site:
I approve the inclusion of this contact information in the listing of a roster available to other TSSA members (if you have questions or concerns about this, please contact

TSSA relies heavily upon email lists to keep in contact with its membership. The 'TSSA-discuss' list is open to all TSSA members to discuss any items deemed relevant or of interest to artists in the Utah music scene. Traffic rarely exceeds 3-5 messages each day (and is often much lower), and it is the best way to stay on top of the activities and discussions of all TSSA members.

Please choose one of the following options:

I would like to have my email address added to the 'TSSA-discuss' list, and receive all messages as they are sent out.
I would like my email address to be added to the 'TSSA-discuss' list, but receive a digest rather than individual emails (this means you will never receive more than one email per day from TSSA-discuss).
I would like my email address added to the 'TSSA-discuss' list, but do not wish to receive either individual messages or digests (this means you will need to rely on either the web interface to TSSA-discuss found at Yahoo! Groups or word of mouth within TSSA to receive information and updates).


a) Please enter a single-paragraph bio that can be used to introduce you to the other TSSA members, on the TSSA website, or in concert programs.

b) Please enter a shorter bio, not longer than two lines/sentences that can be used in brief concert announcements (255 character max).


What musical groups you currently participate with and what capacity? We're interested in hearing about your association with other arts-related organizations, businesses, and publications as well as performance, production, or writing groups.
9. Musical instruments played, level of skill:
10. Skills which could be used to build TSSA:
11. Equipment which potentially could be used for TSSA activities/concerts:

Committee preferences:

TSSA is roughly organized into committees centered around various projects and goals. All TSSA members are invited to join a committee based on their expressed preferences.

You may also elect to not participate on a committee if you feel you do not have time to contribute, but would still like to be associated with TSSA. Be aware, however, that during the selection process for opportunities, such as shows and compilation CD's, some preference may be given to members who are actively involved in supporting TSSA through participation in a committee.

Currently, TSSA has the following operating committees:

  • Accounting/Legal
  • Contact
  • Education
  • Membership/Communications
  • Production (Recordings)
  • Production (Concert/Series)
  • Web

Please indicate which committee you'd be most interested in working on and a second choice.


After you submit this form, you will receive a confirmation page with instructions for sending additional materials. This should include your membership fee, and may include a press kit or the equivalent containing any of the following items (the address of where to send to will be posted on the confirmation page):

Artist's Resume
Demo (minimum 2 songs, any recording quality)
Photo (please also email this in JPEG format to
Statement of music goals

These materials are not required for membership, but if you have these items, it will make your music more familiar to committee chairs and producers.

You've finished the online form! Please click the Submit button and then wait for your confirmation page. You will receive instructions for sending in the associated materials (membership fee, bio, press kit) to the address posted.


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